Wednesday, April 10, 2019

What I’m Watching: Good Girls

Good Girls: Season 2, Episode 5 “Everything Must Go” (B-)

It’s hard for me to continue following this narrative which involves such clear instances of guilt that somehow haven’t led to arrests and incarceration just yet. Agent Turner stopped by to see Beth and dance around the fact that he’s aware of what she’s done, and all it took to get him to believe Mary Pat was telling the truth was her mention of how one of the three women who allegedly chopped up the body was married to a cop. It’s refreshing, at least, to see Beth finally take a stand after her despicable husband was revealed to be even more awful than previously believed and didn’t seem to feel too much remorse about it. Forcing him to essentially give all the cars away was just the first step, and telling him that she’s going to be the one to run the shop since they can’t both be in charge was particularly satisfying. I also enjoyed Annie’s reaction following her connecting the dots about Beth and Rio having slept together, something that might be continuing as long as Rio doesn’t raise too much red flags by showing up and identifying himself as Beth’s business partner. I like that Stan has become so into helping Ruby to the point that he’s obsessively going over every detail of what happened, which is helpful since he’s keeping an eye out for him but also presents some problems if he’s going to help Agent Turner identify someone other than Beth that might finally cause this illegal operation to come crumbling down for good.

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