Sunday, April 28, 2019

What I’m Watching: Better Things

Better Things: Season 3, Episode 7 “Toilet” (B+)

This was another great episode, one that actually found Sam living her adult life much more than anything else. I was excited to recognize Ivonne Coll from “Jane the Virgin” as Dr. Santoro, though I was surprised to hear her speaking such great English since her character on the CW show only ever speaks in subtitled Spanish. She was relatively calm about everything going on with Sam and her time in the bathroom, and didn’t seem nearly as fazed by the mention of a potentially malignant polyp as both Sunny and Sam did upon hearing it. Fortunately, there were other things to think about, like getting a new toilet that was able to flush golf balls and a whole lot more. I like that Frankie was bragging about the number of towels that she had already sent down the toilet, prompting her mother to question why it was that she was flushing all of their towels. Frankie was rude as usual at the start of the episode, too ungrateful to even acknowledge what Sam had done for her and then ready to demand money for something else only seconds later. Her final visit to Matthew Broderick’s Dr. Miller started with him admonishing her for going to a therapist that she wouldn’t open up to, but I think he’s the one who crossed the line with an invitation to less-than-professional sexual stimulation. Given the weird, nightmarish dreams with the masks and her father, she could definitely use someone to talk to sincerely.

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