Saturday, April 6, 2019

What I’m Watching: Jane the Virgin (Season Premiere)

Jane the Virgin: Season 5, Episode 1 “Chapter Eighty-Two” (B)

I don’t really understand why the final season of one of the CW’s big hits was held off until March, but I guess it will be nice to have its seventeen episodes air all the way through July when most other network programming has already concluded. The way that season four ended almost a full year ago was pretty shocking, though unfortunately the follow-up to the big reveal that Michael is still alive isn’t nearly as enticing. This telenovela has always enjoyed making fun of other telenovelas in the way it presents its story, and therefore Michael having amnesia is a completely expected twist, but one that still seems like it’s going to waste some time as he’s unable to remember a single thing about Jane but immediately took a liking to Petra as soon as he saw her. Telling Jane that she does talk an awful lot wasn’t terribly nice either, and I’d appreciate a time jump here where we could just get back to whatever new normal there will be for everyone. I’ve always been on #teamrafael, and I’m still rooting for them even if Rogelio has no clue just how insensitive he’s being to the poor guy who was all set to propose to Rafael. Petra’s love life is imploding too thanks to Milos exposing her lies, and I’ll be sad to see JR go if she doesn’t have a change of heart. Rose sending tons of vegan donuts to Luisa is weird but not problematic, though the apparent news that she has a number of eager disciples in prison doesn’t bode well for the peaceful future of our favorite characters.

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