Saturday, April 13, 2019

What I’m Watching: Will and Grace (Season Finale)

Will and Grace: Season 10, Episode 18 “Jack’s Big Gay Wedding” (B+)

It should have been expected that Jack’s big gay wedding wouldn’t go off without a hitch, and that circumstances far beyond his control would force him to get married in a completely different way. I like that the gate agent he told to check again imitated exactly the motions he had done, and that Estefan pointed out that she did in fact do what he asked. While much of it was forced, Sean Hayes’ physical comedy managed to save pretty much all of it. Will proposing to McCoy was a surprise since it didn’t seem that he was completely all on in the relationship, but what a nice treat that was, especially since Will did find a way to let Jack still have his moment in the limelight. McCoy crying uncontrollably between selfies was entertaining, and I imagine this means we’ll see a lot more of Matt Bomer in the future. Grace meeting Marcus, played by Reid Scott from “Veep,” whose characters are usually less than polite to women, and deciding to follow him on his big international adventure was quite a leap, and I’m so curious to see where that leads. I’m betting that Noah won’t be too happy to hear about it, though I’m more than happy to see his curmudgeonly ways go even if I like David Schwimmer. Karen realizing that she’s straight was inevitable, and I’m glad we got to have Samira Wiley’s Nikki around while we could. The MVP of the episode, however, was Smitty, who made all the awkward moments when Karen laughed at his professed misery completely worthwhile by cracking up at Karen’s comment. This show may not be the best comedy on television anymore, but I’m still finding it enjoyable and will continue to watch when it returns next season.

Season grade: B
Season MVP: Sean Hayes as Jack

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