Monday, April 15, 2019

What I’m Watching: Billions

Billions: Season 4, Episode 4 “Overton Window” (B-)

I suppose it was inevitable that Chuck would eventually broadcast the deepest secret of his personal life to the world and wield it as a weapon rather than as a private shame. That certainly didn’t seem to be where things were heading, but the flow of this show has been pretty off for a while. Why so much time was covered in this one episode is a mystery to me, and suddenly Jack Foley presented a threat that wasn’t nearly as imminent before because of Chuck’s more visible campaign and Jack’s terminal prognosis. Apparently, he managed to win, even if Wendy is no longer by her side as seemed to be indicated by the fury with which she came to Chuck and confronted him for the decision he had made on their behalf against her wishes. I’m more than happy to be rid of Grigor, and I don’t know why we needed that grandstanding interaction at the airfield. Seeing how flustered all of the traders were without their computers and without Mafee during the hack wasn’t all that enticing, though it was good to see Axe and Wags spring into action the old-fashioned way. The most worthwhile part of that, and of this show in general, is Nina Arianda’s Rebecca. The way she stepped in to help Axe and then to effortlessly force a CEO, played by Reed Diamond from “The Shield” and “Dollhouse,” to resign was simply magnificent. Taylor going into business with their father is an interesting development, and hopefully not one that will end up being problematic.

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