Tuesday, April 9, 2019

What I’m Watching: Supergirl

Supergirl: Season 4, Episode 17 “All About Eve” (B-)

The general narrative of this show isn’t problematic, especially compared to the miserably drawn-out point where we were this time last year, but there are points of it that could use finessing. We’re to believe that Eve managed to go undercover as Tess’ most loyal assistant without drawing any suspicion, yet somehow her computer password of “ilovelex” can be easily guessed? It is, possible, sure, that she was playing dumb so that she could draw them into the trap that enabled Bizarro Supergirl, or whatever it is that we’re supposed to call her, to attack the White House and ensure that Supergirl officially became the enemy of the United States. Fortunately, Lena and Alex were already putting their differences with Supergirl aside and they were ready to be there to help her clear her name at the end of the episode. When even Haley knows that things can’t be as they seem, it’s evident that events are being manipulated. Ben also seemed shocked after hearing from one of the most crucial sponsors of his initiatives that she was voting against them that her mind had been changed, and maybe he’ll end up switching sides at just the right moment when he realizes that he’s been a pawn in someone else’s scheme. I wasn’t so impressed with the physical manifestation of M’yrnn that helped to get Hank back on track, but I guess it all worked out in the end. James’ relationship with his sister is obviously complicated, but Kelly seems to have helped to steer him in the right direction to get the help he needs. Everyone will have to be united to face the threats that are coming at them from all sides when this show returns for its final five episodes of the season on April 21st.

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