Friday, April 26, 2019

What I’m Watching: Good Girls

Good Girls: Season 2, Episode 7 “The Dubby” (B-)

I had never thought about the fact that we see the three women on this show together all the time yet we haven’t, as far as I can recall, seen their significant others together in the past. I’m no fan of Dean’s, and his suggestion that they had to do something to get rid of Rio is only going to serve to corrupt Stan, who I do like considerably more. Agent Turner asking Ruby for her in-laws’ names so that he could drop that cruel grandparents line on her was unnecessarily theatrical, and while she wasn’t exactly helping before this, her very explicit photography of in-progress criminal activity shouldn’t take too long to be noticed and identified by her co-conspirators. Beth bringing her kids with her on a car drop was a bad idea to start, and then showing up at the house to ask for the stuffed animal back was a further misstep. Reframing the situation to make it seem like she was in control was hardly her best power play, but at least no one had to go down to the basement to help anyone else look, and she managed to get the animal mailed back to her in the end. I couldn’t figure out where I knew the lead drug dealer from, and it turns out he was Blake Shields, who used to star in “Sleeper Cell.” Annie’s new boss seems absurdly accommodating in a totally unbelievable way, and it could have been fine if she hadn’t gone and slept with him right away, making everything far more complicated and potentially problematic than it needed to be.

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