Thursday, April 11, 2019

What I’m Watching: Veep (Season Premiere)

Veep: Season 7, Episode 1 “Iowa” (B)

It’s been almost two years since this show last aired, and now it’s back for its final seven episodes. Season six was broadcast while Trump was president, but it feels that, in the time since, real-life events have become so absurd that this show can’t be quite as funny anymore since it’s paralleling reality all too much. What was featured most in this episode that felt different from before was the focus on school shootings and just how little Selina cared about them, which I guess was supposed to address the way in which politicians offer meaningless thoughts and prayers and move on to other ideas. The comedic way in which it was portrayed was mildly off-putting, though it shouldn’t be surprising for these characters. Selina in particular demonstrated minimal motivation to do anything that took any work, namely coming off with a single reason that she wanted to be president. Taking the words of a man who was complaining specifically about her and twisting them to her advantage was absurd but typical. Dan is callous as usual, and Amy’s going crazy with his dismissive attitude towards their potential parenthood. I’m happy to see that Mike is still involved on the show in a completely extraneous capacity, with Leon taking over for him by helping to make communications infinitely smoother. Hugh Laurie will also apparently be back as Tom James as a challenger to Selina, but my favorite opponent is Jonah. Every scene featuring him was funny, and I like that Diedrich Bader and Patton Oswalt are on board as Bill and Teddy, respectively, and that Richard is somehow simultaneously working for two campaigns. Invoking Woody Allen and obsessing over his stepfather, played by John Carroll Lynch, giving him a D in math were extremely humorous instances of his unintelligence. I look forward to more of that this year.

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