Thursday, April 4, 2019

What I’m Watching: God Friended Me

God Friended Me: Season 1, Episode 18 “Return to Sender” (C+)

He may purport to be doing good for others, but Miles truly is the most selfish character on this show. Whenever he’s interfering in the lives of others against their will, he insists that he knows best even if they’re completely angry with him, and, fortunately for him, it often works out for him as he shows them what they’re missing. This episode started with Miles and Cara running together and then kissing sweetly as they continue to pursue their romance, but by the end, it was all shot thanks to Miles’ unwillingness to consider Cara’s motivations for doing what she did, primarily that someone else was going to write the story if it wasn’t her. Let’s hope that, for once, he can realize that he’s the one who doesn’t get it and needs to open his eyes to something he can’t see, especially since he’s so eager to convince everyone that they’re holding meaningful packgaes that are actually meant for important recipients. Wilson did seem a bit too visibly excited by his discoveries about the God account, and his attitude doesn’t exude professionalism. Maybe it’s possible that giving her the option to take the story is something an editor would really do if he saw promise in her writing, but I didn’t buy it. It was far more believable that Trisha would see what was happening with Arthur and his kids and steer him in the right direction, and it’s looking like it may just work to help bolster his chances rather than hurt them.

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