Monday, April 22, 2019

Take Three: The Twilight Zone

The Twilight Zone: Season 1, Episode 3 “Replay” (B+)

I was very impressed with the first two installments of this show, which I reviewed a few weeks ago in a Minute with Abe. Though it took me a while to watch it, I’m pleased to report that this third episode is just as strong. Like the second episode, this one dealt with technology having an extraordinary power, after the iPod foretelling the doom of its listener’s flight. I recognized most of the cast here and confirmed later that I was right about knowing the fourth from somewhere too. I was a big fan of Sanaa Lathan’s when she starred in the second season of “Boss,” and she recently appeared in a moderately worthwhile role on season four of “The Affair.” Damson Idris, who played her son Dorian, currently stars on “Snowfall.” Steve Harris was a regular on both “Legends” and “Awake,” but most probably know him from his Emmy-nominated role on “The Practice” two decades ago. The best instance of casting was Glenn Fleshler, who recurs on “Billions” and has also appeared in many other projects, and as soon as I saw his police officer appear I knew that his character was going to serve some nefarious purpose since you don’t waste an actor like that. What I liked most about the trajectory of this hour was the way in which it embraced the supernatural nature of its selected item’s power without questioning it. Every scenario that Nina tried ended up with her son either doomed or dead, and both her brother and her son chose to trust rather than doubt her, which was cool. Best of all, when Dorian suggested that they simply go back and try again when Officer Lasky confronted them, Nina was brave enough to end the loop and take a stand against his recurring racism. I thought that this hour was going to end without a negative fate for its characters, but that final sound of a gunshot after her camera finally broke signified that wouldn’t be the case. I’m not sure if this show will be Emmy-eligible for its performers, but I’d love to see a few of these people get recognized for their stellar work here.

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