Saturday, April 6, 2019

What I’m Watching: You’re the Worst (Penultimate Episode)

You’re the Worst: Season 5, Episode 12 “We Were Having Such a Nice Day” (B+)

With just one episode left (which has already aired and I’m eager to be ready to watch), it’s good to see this show present a half-hour that, while entertaining, really gets to the root of its two main characters. Gretchen telling Jimmy that he could die during the wedding and no one would notice and that she could do anything and he’d never leave her started things off in a different direction than they ended up going as their best friends arrived to give them one last hurrah. Jimmy’s was interesting because Edgar, expressing no pity for himself in unusual fashion, gave him exactly what he knew he wanted: a chance to experience curling, a sport only he would admire, getting to smash stuff in a safe space that resulted in him hugging the image of his father, and having access to an extremely exclusive club that for some reason was frequented by Thomas Middleditch from “Silicon Valley.” Gretchen was set to have the perfect day too going nowhere until her monster mom showed up and rejected her over and over as she talked about her depression and suicidal feelings. The character was believable, and it helps to explain why Gretchen is who she is. I liked that Vernon and Becca tried one last time to bluff Paul into a big financial gesture, and I was proud that he negotiated down from thirty to fifteen after they tried to get even more from him. The idea that Lindsay and Paul might return to each other is sweet and redeeming. Edgar telling Jimmy not to marry Gretchen was a surprise, and Gretchen stepping on the glass is an ominous way to go into what will surely be a memorable finale.

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