Tuesday, April 30, 2019

What I’m Watching: Supergirl

Supergirl: Season 4, Episode 18 “Crime and Punishment” (B-)

I still feel that this show is better now than it was at this point last season, but I’m not too taken with the current way some things are playing out. Going to investigate Lex’s cell makes this feel like it’s trying way too hard to be a detective thriller, which it’s definitely not. I was amused by the casting of Willie Garson from “White Collar” in pretty much the exact role that he played on that show, hyper-paranoid, technologically savvy, and more than willing to help fight the establishment at every possible turn. It’s hard to take seriously the long-running joke of this universe that no one can recognize either Kara or Clark Kent when they change out of their costumes, which led the impossibly dumb Otis to accept somehow that an innocent journalist would just be hanging out in the all-male cell block. It’s good to know that, with so many forces rallying against Supergirl, Haley made the decision to side with Alex and protect her rather than let the trigger-happy Lockwood lure her into a trap. It didn’t take long for the Children of Liberty to be deputized by the president, and it’s reassuring that Brainy decided to make his not so covert move to internalize the registry so that it won’t fall into their hands without a fight. With four episodes still left this season, I certainly don’t think that things are going to get better before they’re going to get worse, and I’m hoping everything gets a bit more exciting soon.

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