Sunday, April 7, 2019

What I’m Watching: Will and Grace

Will and Grace: Season 10, Episode 17 “The Things We Do for Love” (B)

It’s a strange idea that all four of the main characters on this show are dating people at the moment, even if McCoy was, as Will repeated over and over, on assignment in London. I think it’s for the best that we didn’t experience the wild bachelor party but instead just saw the messy aftermath in the morning, and instead all the awkwardness got reserved for the dinner party that went very wrong. Noah is a self-professed curmudgeon, and therefore it should have been obvious that he wouldn’t want to change his ways, though I guess he invited Grace to move in with him as part of an effort not to have to relocate himself. It started off as a joke, with Noah likening his hate for the rug to his daughter’s, but his unwillingness to reschedule with his friend to avoid missing Jack’s wedding was a sign that they’re really not meant to be together. Estefan’s obsession with the coins was entertaining as Jack panicked, and I like that Larry showed up at the end with a horror story that solved all of his problems. Estefan’s excitement about the straight man’s bathroom was also funny. Jack coaching Will on how to pretend that he likes something when he doesn’t was amusing given how often Will does that to Jack, and it obviously wasn’t going to go as well since Grace is only ever so slightly more self-aware than Jack. Karen trying to inhabit the role of lesbian as Nikki came to the dinner with her was a lot of fun, and, even though her behavior was utterly absurd, Nikki seems to still find something very alluring about her new partner.

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