Wednesday, April 24, 2019

What I’m Watching: Shrill

Shrill: Season 1, Episode 5 “Article” (B+)

This episode was really great, which makes me excited after hearing that it was renewed for a second season last week. It’s no surprise that Annie’s article would end up becoming an enormously successful hit, with over 19,000 clicks and plenty of comments, but that didn’t mean that Gabe was going to be happy about it. Not firing her and making her suffer instead is probably the worse punishment, and something tells me that tracking down her troll isn’t going to score her any points with her boss. The interaction that she and Amadi had with Maureen down in IT about her Bradley Cooper avatar was entertaining, and I hope that she makes an appearance in the season finale. It was great to see Annie stand up to multiple people throughout the episode, starting with Fran when she tried (and ultimately managed) to guilt Annie into staying to clean up her mess, and ending with her mom, which unfortunately also resulted in a miserable parting thanks to her failed attempt to fight a war her dad didn’t want her to invoke for him. Ryan showing up after she called him to help with Bonkers and his shroom trip was entertaining, and who would have thought that a heart-to-heart with Fran would prompt him to be open, honest, and even kind, asking Annie to be his girlfriend. Having sex on the couch as they embark on a new, healthier romance would have been a great ending if it didn’t mean Annie disappointing someone else, which is really going to put a damper on this happiness.

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