Friday, April 5, 2019

What I’m Watching: Black Monday

Black Monday: Season 1, Episode 9 “2” (B+)

Unexpectedly enough, I found this episode to be the best this show has produced yet. Both Blair and Tiff seem to be okay with the fact that their marriage is pretty much a sham, but that doesn’t mean that they’re devoid of feelings for each other. It’s astonishing just how many people have been read into the Georgina play now, and how it becomes less and less valuable with each new individual introduced to the equation. Mo telling Blair about it a few episodes back was risky enough, and now he’s seeing the consequences of that with Blair naming a very specific number to ensure that he’ll no longer be a majority owner in his own company. Tiff is the wildest of wild cards, and somehow it doesn’t feel like it’s going to work out now that she knows what’s going on. Their national anthem dance number was pretty memorable, and only on this show would that seem normal. It’s crazy but actually quite believable somehow that Keith would have to pretend to cough and be experience violent illness every time someone around him spoke because each sentence acknowledged the commission of a crime. I’m not sure that his decision to stop cooperating will work out for anyone, but we also know that a crash is coming and someone wearing that pin is going to die. The season finale has already aired with no news of a renewal, so I wonder whether it will be satisfying given its unknown fate.

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