Friday, August 14, 2020

Emmy Catch-Up: Schitt’s Creek (Penultimate Episode)

Every year, I watch the six submitted episodes of every series I don’t regularly watch that’s up for one of the Emmy series prizes. This year, I’m getting a jump start to check out the entire season of some of most high-profile shows I didn’t watch when they originally aired.

Schitt’s Creek: Season 6, Episode 13 “Start Spreading the News” (B)

Everyone did seem to be moving quickly to this notion of relocating to New York, and I’m glad to see that it ended up playing out differently after the four members of the Rose family took some time to process what they wanted. Johnny was the most secure of all of them, ready to do whatever anyone else needed as he prepared for his return to success. Moira’s crazy demands being met by the producers meant her enthusiastic participation in the reboot of the show, and I like that her cheering committee immediately changed their message to support for her decision after decrying the likely failure of any such endeavor. At least her group did seem sad to see her go, with Ronnie showing some unexpected emotion at the confirmed news of her impending departure. Twyla casually shared the fact that she had won $46 million from the lottery with Alexis, but I suppose they’ve known each other for long enough that she had a good feeling that she wouldn’t spread the information too widely. Alexis going to New York on her own is probably a smart idea, and though she’ll be a tiny fish in a gigantic pond, it might be a good readjustment for her to faster-moving life. The biggest growth came from David, who realized how much Patrick cared about him that he decided to go “put in an offer” on the house he liked, whatever that may have meant. The friendship between David and Stevie is entertaining, with her conceding that they were both not good people and then Stevie getting irritated when David responded by asking if she had put on deodorant. One episode to go!

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