Monday, August 31, 2020

What I’m Watching: We Hunt Together

We Hunt Together: Season 1, Episode 4 (B+)

Here’s where I think this show pivoted in a way that makes me much more excited to watch the last two episodes: the cops are now just as interesting as the criminals, if not more so. I enjoyed Susan calling Lola and Jackson the twins from “The Shining” because of how they were standing and waiting for her in the hallway, though that creepy enthusiasm didn’t help to convince her to keep the case open. After the two of them walked in on Jackson’s wife getting cozy with her business colleague, Lola suggested that she would camp out in front of Freddy’s flat all night, an assertion that Jackson wasn’t sure whether he should take seriously. Unfortunately, she did miss them exiting together, in part because Freddy went back up and because Jackson arrived at that precise moment, but mainly due to Lola’s crippling addiction. Jackson seemed most concerned with protocol and her not being reprimanded for reporting late upon being recalled to the station, and he quickly diagnosed her overuse of both codeine and heroin. Covering for her was a kind action, and she got to understand some of the other allowances he makes, like pretending that he doesn’t know about his wife’s affair. The boys from Freddy’s past wouldn’t mess with her and with Baba if they had any idea what either of them are capable of, but aside from one intense punch, they don’t seem to be their next target. I can’t help but instantly associate actor Kris Marshall, who plays Fitzgerald, the wheelchair-bound man who is about to pay for his abusive actions, with his far less threatening role as the idiotic and idealistic Colin in “Love Actually.”

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