Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Netflix Catch-Up: Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (Season Premiere)

I actually watched these first few episodes was back at some point in 2019 and wrote my reviews to put them up when I finished the whole thing. I’m now finally posting them and watching the show to get to the Emmy-nominated follow-up TV movie.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Season 4, Episode 7 “Kimmy Fights a Fire Monster!” (B)

While I know this is technically the seventh episode of the fourth season, it’s really the first of the six final episodes of the show, which premiered at the end of January (2019). I’m just getting to them partially because I’m still catching up on other streaming shows and also because I didn’t feel the need to stream them all right away because this show has never been my absolute favorite. I was excited when I saw Jon Bernthal, the star of “The Punisher,” in a role that felt completely different from that one, and it was amusing that Titus kept making “Daredevil” references since that’s the show that launched his spin-off character. As soon as I heard him speaking Hebrew with a Russian accent, I remembered seeing criticism about the automatic and unnecessary implication that all assassins must be Israeli, and while I do agree that it was probably not needed, I feel like this show is such an equal-opportunity offender that it didn’t surprise me at all. Its irreverence in this episode merely wasn’t as charming and productive as it has been in other cases. Kimmy sneaking books she wrote with positive themes into bookstores is far more entertaining, as was her determination not to have anyone correct her mistaken belief that “DTF” stood for “digging true friendship.” Running into Donna Maria and clinging too much to her bunker past was nothing new, though Kimmy does seem to be maturing a bit in terms of how she looks at the world. Jacqueline’s Home Basics/Pervatory visits were just the latest utopia turned horror show, and this one wasn’t nearly as entertaining as the likes of Nick Kroll’s spin instructor on the toilet.

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