Monday, August 24, 2020

Netflix Catch-Up: Orange is the New Black

Orange is the New Black: Season 7, Episode 7 “Me as Well” (B+)

I know it was only for a moment, but I appreciated the opportunity to see Lolly again, newly moved to be Frieda’s roommate and eager to talk her ear off, giving her a different incessant distraction from Cindy. Suzanne’s excitement about the chicken class, which she hoped would involve the chickens teaching them things, was enjoyable, and it’s nice to see some comedy that doesn’t have any heavy drama with it. That wasn’t the case with Pennsatucky, whose bad associations with tests clearly stem from demeaning experiences with her father, who was also dyslexic, as evidenced by his anger over a boat called “Ban Mass” that was actually “Bass Man.” Elmer seemed very excited by the discovery of her dyslexia since he firmly believes that they can use it to her advantage and work to improve her reading skills. The confrontation between Taystee and Tamika was refreshingly honest, though Taystee doesn’t seem open to her old friend trying to help her at all, even if this new information from Suzanne could change everything. Caputo’s pursuit of justice was cringe-worthy, though I appreciated the chance to see an enlightened, smoothie-making Healy again and an unapologetic, unforgiving Fischer who wasn’t open to hearing from Caputo that she was a terrible guard and only lasted as long as she did because he liked her too much. I’m glad to see Blanca making progress with Karla by sucking up to the obnoxious Litvack, and Nicky’s tryst with her new friend has now been interrupted by Red’s continually deteriorating mental state. Piper’s vibrator obsession was humorous, though her inability to find a better solution is going to make things very complicated when Alex eventually confesses that something finally happened with McCullough.

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