Friday, August 28, 2020

Netflix Catch-Up: Orange is the New Black

Orange is the New Black: Season 7, Episode 9 “The Hidey Hole” (B+)

It was affirming to see that one released inmate, Cindy, was actually doing very well on the outside, bonding with her daughter and even securing a job at a nursing home with relative ease. Taystee’s letter undid all of that, and Cindy chose to leave rather than stick around and try to mend fences. Taystee does seem to be doing much better, and she and Caputo were very happy to see each other when he came by to get ahead of everything with Tamika. Deciding that she shouldn’t hear bad news at that moment was a risky move since now he’s vulnerable to being fired when she does find out. Shani’s secret was harrowing, and Nicky seems invested in getting closer with her, even if that means more friction in her relationship with Red and Lorna. It was heartbreaking to hear Vinnie plead for a partner in grief and see Lorna bury herself once again in fantasies, with the flashback to her first big delusion equally difficult to watch and her fate hanging in the uncertain balance. Flaca pursuing her latest scheme to bully Litvack was bad timing for Karla, who got absolutely no compassion regarding the custody hearing that she’s now going to miss. Piper and her dad got to a good place but it means that Piper’s all-out honesty with Alex isn’t being reciprocated, which can’t lead to a resounding trust between them. I’m most sad about the apparent departure of Elmer, who was given little choice by Daya and her disruptive henchwomen and has now decided that the only way to ensure the safety of his family is to abruptly leave his job.

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