Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Take Three: We Hunt Together

We Hunt Together: Season 1, Episode 3 (B)

I keep debating whether I should keep watching this show since I know it’s halfway done now and some parts of it are legitimately captivating. But there’s something about the pacing that doesn’t always make it feel urgent, which is even more frustrating because I feel like there a gripping moment comes around every time I’m about to say that things aren’t interesting anymore. I didn’t feel that the banter between Lola and Jackson was quite as compelling in this hour, though she was quite out of sorts when he showed unexpected at her place with his big revelation. Freddy is really playing everyone, aware that Baba is battling his inner demons and not about to let him compromise everything she’s done with the sudden emergence of a conscience. She should be much more concerned with his frequent hallucinations and the fact that he isn’t able to automatically shut them off. She managed to astound Lola and Jackson when she questioned the fanciness of the food they were serving her while questioning her, and she once again asked precisely the right questions to seem like she was paying attention but had nothing to hide. Dipping her fingers into Lola’s drink was bold, and I definitely thought that Jackson’s lightbulb had something to do with green tea erasing part of your fingertips. Knowing that she’s working with someone, who is at the very least physically larger than she is, may help get them closer to catching her, but I have a feeling she’ll continue to stay one step ahead.

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