Sunday, August 23, 2020

Take Three: Hitmen

Hitmen: Season 1, Episode 3 “Woods” (B-)

This episode was a bit of an aimless misfire, in part because it got just as distracted by the surrounding woods as its main characters. I like the interactions between Fran and Jamie, but this all seemed a bit excessive. Once again we had a target who was intent on talking his way out of his fate, though his case wasn’t particularly compelling since he didn’t even deny what he had done, arguing instead that it shouldn’t have merited a death sentence. Jamie might indeed be a concerning choice as a mother given her tendency to neglect, say, the captives she’s about to kill, and testing out her abilities with an egg didn’t seem like the best or most effective trial. Fran, on the other hand, seemed like she was hallucinating, but instead she encountered a group of girls right out of “Troop Zero” (a very worthwhile comedy movie streaming on Amazon Prime). Somehow, things always seem to work themselves out in the nick of time with an episode-ending execution, and that was once again the case here with Fran about to tell Mr. K that they had lost him only to see him in front of them and have the opportunity to hit them with the van. In less expected news, Peacock has decided to renew this show for a second season, which is great. I’m glad I’ve continued watching and look forward to the back half of this first round, which will hopefully be a bit more like the first two episodes than this one.

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