Thursday, August 20, 2020

Take Three: Star Trek: Lower Decks

Star Trek: Lower Decks: Season 1, Episode 3 “Temporal Edict” (B-)

I think this episode was enough to tell me that, while this show is indeed enjoyable, it’s probably not something I need to be watching. The goal is to mock the kinds of storylines and concepts that have been solidly established in previous “Star Trek” series, and I think I prefer watching them in their original serious context. Ransom fighting a literal giant with his bare fists and winning was probably the most absurd part of an already exaggerated half-hour, one that found pretty much everything going wrong, which is the general theme of this show. Bringing the wrong gift to an alien race and accidentally offending them enough to start a war was definitely a problem, though it seems the greatest threat they posed was some irritating graffiti. What was more entertaining is that it was Brad whose unintended spilling of the beans prompted Captain Freeman to ban buffer time, and he was the literally the only one who found the new protocol helpful and gratifying since he was able to get so much done. Freeman punished him in the perfect way, naming the new guideline mandating taking shortcuts after him so that, generations down the line, everyone could learn about him as the laziest and least rule-abiding crew member in the history of Starfleet. It was strange that, for once, Beckett wasn’t the only hassling him, but she had her hands full trying to one-up the first officer who stabbed her in the foot and then put her in the brig for refusing to roll her sleeves up. I’d be happy to encounter this show again at some point in the future, but I’m happy to part ways with it for now.

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