Thursday, August 13, 2020

Round Two: Ted Lasso

Ted Lasso: Season 1, Episode 2 “Biscuits” (B+)

I appreciate that this show is already evolving beyond the premise of a vindictive ex-wife seeking to ruin her husband by hiring someone she knows will fail to coach his prized soccer team. That’s still happening, of course, but Rebecca is already hesitating to use the photos she had commissioned to get Jamie to freak out at Ted and starting to warm to his kindhearted sensibilities. She obviously liked the biscuits from the moment that he brought them into her office and convinced her to have one, and the revelation that he bakes them himself shows what a truly nice guy he is. He hates some things – mainly just tea – but his intentions are entirely good. He also made change happen with the water pressure, something his biggest critic, Roy, recognized and got to enjoy both under the stream himself and when he saw his teammate nearly knocked out by its sheer power. His analysis of Jamie’s non-reply to Keeley’s panda or lion question was also fantastic since it commended him for just how healthy it was emotionally to be okay with who he was (Rebecca didn’t have quite the same blissful attitude). In part because he’s so genuine, it’s disheartening to see and hear everyone be so rude to him, but he’s not about to let any of that knock him down. His continued affirmation of Nate’s existence is also wonderful, and I liked that Nate accidentally broke the glass on the door when he was trying to feign anger with the rest of the team.

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