Thursday, August 27, 2020

What I’m Watching: Hitmen

Hitmen: Season 1, Episode 4 “Dog” (B-)

This episode was another less than entirely satisfactory episode, focused more on silliness than anything else. I think part of why I liked the first two episodes better might have been that I knew the actors playing Fran and Jamie’s targets – Jason Watkins and Sian Clifford – and also that their captives didn’t escape almost right away. It may be that, while the interactions between the two of them can sometimes be sufficient, the way that they speak to their prisoners and the way that they argue back to try to come out alive is what makes this show most worth watching. Fran nearly being hung was a dark turn, and her would-be killer didn’t really get what he deserved after that and falling off the roof to crush the dog that had been terrorizing all three of them for the entire episode. It was strange to see Fran as the more compassionate one, eager to free the dog of the muzzle while Jamie seemed more keenly aware of the risks. When she did end up with a pretty severe bite, those drugs kicked in fast as she hallucinated Fran as the voice of the dog telling her to open the door and everything would be fine. Emerging in her hastily-assembled version of combat gear worked well enough, and her timing couldn’t have been any better to save Fran’s life and turn the tables just as they were about to fail yet another assignment gone horribly awry. Maybe next time they’ll screw up in a different way than letting their target run from them almost as soon as they’ve captured them.

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