Friday, August 14, 2020

Take Three: Ted Lasso

Ted Lasso: Season 1, Episode 3 “Trent Crimm: The Independent” (B+)

I loved Ted’s joke in the opening scene about branding, and I think that’s really him in a nutshell: completely aware of what’s going on and eager to find the humor in it. That kind of attitude made him totally open to Nate’s idea about a decoy play and perfectly happy to give him credit for it when asked by a journalist. Keeley getting a warning from the publisher about the picture was an unexpected development, and Ted brought it right to Rebecca’s attention, which made it hard for her to do anything but offer to get it quashed. Pivoting to have the very discerning and intimidating Trent Crimm do a profile on Ted instead was a smart play, though Ted did the impossible and managed to win him over. Eating plentiful portions of insanely spicy Indian food after never having eaten it before was a bold and fully selfless act, and Trent appreciated that he took what was left of his off his plate as he repeated to be clear that he absolutely didn’t care about winning or losing. Giving each team member a book chosen specifically for them was an endearing gesture, though only Roy seems to have taken it seriously. Ted’s response to his demand that something be done about Nate was calculated to spur him into action, and at this point I’d be much more worried about an affair between Roy and Keeley than Ted and Keeley. Their relationship as it stands now is fascinating, and I think Keeley is one of the strongest and most watchable parts of this show.

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