Saturday, August 15, 2020

Round Two: Hitmen

Hitmen: Season 1, Episode 2 “Money” (B+)

This show features some really great guest stars, and after seeing Jason Watkins and Nick Mohammed in the first episode, it was an absolute pleasure to have Sian Clifford on board for this half-hour. I saw her most recently in “Quiz,” which was a good performance, but less much fun than her Emmy-nominated turn on “Fleabag.” She was full of energy here, running around to try to get away from her captors and then using Jamie’s gullible nature to convince her that she should call Mr. K on her own and that the password she had been so carefully protecting was just the number two. These two do have a habit of bungling their jobs, and nearly killing their mark with soy products before she gave up the information they needed to was not a productive development. It did inspire them to later use it as a method of torture, but that was also something that they weren’t great at, just like this whole hitman thing. I enjoyed another chance to have Liz and Charles come visit to help them out, with Liz being as icy as possible and Charles being extremely friendly until she started yelling at him to be less social. I like the concept of this show and I hope it turns out to be a success since there’s no news of a renewal from Sky just yet and we’re a full third into what’s been produced so far. With four episodes to go, here’s hoping for some other great guest stars whose characters are fated for death!

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