Thursday, August 13, 2020

Round Two: Star Trek: Lower Decks

Star Trek: Lower Decks: Season 1, Episode 2 “Envoys” (B+)

I thought I’d give this show another shot even though it’s not necessarily my kind of fare, a bit more slapstick than the comedy I tend to go for, even if I do like Star Trek generally and ultimately enjoyed the last CBS All Access effort, “Star Trek: Picard.” What I like most is the energetic annoyance Beckett so enjoys dishing out, especially when it’s directed at the hapless Brad. He’s such a stickler for following the rules, which made him understandably furious when Beckett decided to tag along on his fancy mission and derail the whole thing, starting with her buddy-buddy friendship with the frightening Klingon general. I think what I found funniest from their misadventures in the Klingon district was her telling him that she wasn’t about to speed-walk since they were both going the same speed. Giving him a win by pretending to mistake the Ferengi for an ally was a good chance to boost his ego, even if she had to suffer the indignity of being the butt of jokes, something I imagine she didn’t mind at all. Sam pulled out all the stops to try to spend more time with D’Vana, and he quickly realized just how bad a fit he was for the bridge when he failed even the easiest simulations (I liked the reference to the Janeway Maneuver) and medical when his bedside manner was the absolute worst. But tapping into his cyborg components to defeat all the Borg in the humorously-named Smorgasborg simulation was impressive, and it was good that he decided he’d still rather be in engineering. It was sweet to see that he and D’Vana did get to spend time together marveling at different things while in the tubes. I may well end up continuing to watch this show.

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