Thursday, August 20, 2020

Round Two: Five Bedrooms

Five Bedrooms: Season 1, Episode 2 “Twenty Guests” (B+)

This show managed to deliver well in its second outing, proving that there are layers to peel back here as the five housemates interact with each other and other aspects of their personal lives. Ben is definitely the most affable member of the household who puts in the most effort and makes it look easy. There’s not much sexual tension left between him and Liz, but his buddy Simmo was absolutely right when he pegged that Ainsley, who he liked a lot, had feelings she hadn’t even recognized yet for Ben. She did a formidable job, with his encouragement and Heather’s, of telling Lachlan off after he had the gall to suggest that she should quit so that it wouldn’t be awkward for them to work together. It’s likely that, after she held strong and decided to leave her injured husband and surprisingly responsible sons at home, Heather may not develop feelings for Ben too, but he’ll probably start looking at her in a new light that could make things much more complicated for everyone. Liz had an unexpectedly good interaction with her boss and even won over Harry’s mom, though that’s a battle that Harry is going to have to choose how to fight. I’m on board to get to know these characters more, and I like the idea of having five protagonists who all share top billing and will have an opportunity to lead an episode like Heather did here. Like the pilot, it’s fun and not nearly as predictable as it often seems like it’s going to be.

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