Friday, January 28, 2022

Round Two: As We See It

As We See It: Season 1, Episode 2 “I Apologize for My Words and Actions” (B+)

This was a fun second installment, one that continued the pilot’s smooth blending of comedy and drama. I like that Mandy works with each of the roommates to set goals for what they achieve, something they naturally fight every time but also managed to make some unexpected progress on in this case. Jack arguably has the most success, getting his job back and even making a friend in the process when he was finally honest with him about why he missed the meeting. He also got off to a bad start with the nurse ahead of his father’s appointment, and I enjoyed that they both acknowledged how they found each other rude but still could see eye-to-eye. It was sweet that Jack told his father that he wanted to be his advocate, and that Lou responded that, as his father, that was his job for his son. Harrison succeeded in making a friend, which wasn’t even on his goal list, but AJ’s mom had a horrible reaction to the news of them hanging out without bothering to try to understand that it was probably good for both Harrison and AJ for them to interact. Violet once again threw herself headfirst into a new potential relationship, and the fact that Julian said violet was his favorite color prompted her to put in an extra order her manager really didn’t need for fries and scoop his number off the order slip. It was good that Mandy stood up for herself to Van in needing to be a part of the decisions he was making for his sister, but the news that she’s potentially going to leave for a new opportunity isn’t going to go over well with anyone.

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