Monday, January 31, 2022

What I’m Watching: Euphoria

Euphoria: Season 2, Episode 3 “Ruminations: Big and Little Bullys” (B+)

This show took us into a completely different world for its pre-title sequence, explaining a bit more about who Cal is and how he was when he was in high school. That doesn’t justify much of his behavior in the future, of course, but we’re also seeing a new side of him, particularly when he went to go see Fezco to get the tape that he didn’t have and kept getting hit in the head by a vengeful Ash. The brief exchange between Faye and Cal where she asked him if he and his son have sex with people together highlighted the failed communication in that entire interaction. Nate has already taken a beating from Fezco, but he’s showing no signs of improvement as he’s driving Cassie crazy and, after everything, left her alone one night so that he could go bring flowers to Maddy, who should really know what her boyfriend is doing before her back with her best friend. I enjoyed the interviews Lexi did for the TV version of the play that she didn’t tell anyone about, and I’m excited that she’s getting more of a spotlight since she’s such an interesting character. What little we did see of Kat, where she freaked out when Ethan’s parents asked her questions about herself that she thought had specifically correct and incorrect answers, was a typical mix of humorous and troubling. I’m so interested in the budding relationship between Jules and Elliot, which started with them daring each other to do irresponsible things and then led to Elliot giving Jules some very specific and pointed compliments. Rue is out on her own trying to make things happen, which is not a good thing, and Fezco shooting her down right away didn’t stop her from pitching Laurie directly. Negotiating down her starting supply was a smart move, but she’s in very deep now and Laurie’s emotionless threat should have her very worried. It’s good that Ali wanted to look out for her and keep her in line, but she wasn’t having any of that and risks completely alienating the person who actually has best interests at heart.

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