Sunday, January 30, 2022

What I’m Watching: Ozark

Ozark: Season 4, Episode 4 “Ace Deuce” (B+)

Wendy is indeed playing with fire, giving a speech where she is the one rescuing Shaw and her company and invoking Ben’s name as someone who could use the kind of treatment they are going to be helping to provide. As Marty rightly pointed out, talking about him is likely to make people look into him, which started right away with Mel the overambitious private investigator, who went straight to Wendy and Ben’s father, where he learned right away that Ben wasn’t actually a drug addict. Ruth was also quite upset about it, but she had plenty on her mind with an overdose at the casino and a dead driver. The relationship she has with Marty is so complex and fascinating, and I like that this episode ended with an intriguing opportunity that may not be a good idea for either of them. Javi identifying Maya on the video of the raid after getting spooked by the agency being the FBI and not the DEA is definitely bad, and Navarro didn’t seem quite as ready to take action as he should have. The drug cartel being on their backs is probably more worrisome than the local trouble brewing now that Sheriff Guerrero is learning more about the business feuds that her predecessor really should have done much more about while he had the chance. I did enjoy Ruth’s pick for her motel manager based on Jonah’s suggestion to hire someone too stupid to figure out what they’re doing, and Sam demonstrated his inability to sound all that intelligent when he asked his celebrity chef guest about how to properly make paella.

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