Saturday, January 15, 2022

What I’m Watching: Search Party

Search Party: Season 5, Episode 8 “Song of Songs” (B+)

It’s not too surprising that three out of four of the main characters on this show didn’t die in a bus explosion with three episodes to go in its run, but it was a nice surprise that Drew was the one picking them up in his car after they escaped through the manhole underneath. The competitive nature of the friendship that found first Drew and then Portia going out to have sex with Dory and then Elliott following suit because he felt very left out was entertaining but also felt a bit unfocused given the impending end of the world that Dory has been foretelling. After she got her disciples to exhale their negative thoughts and literally shoot a path of color into the sky, we got the very important revelation that Elliott had switched out the pills for jelly beans, meaning that everything was in their heads. That was a good thing, considering the fact that the one who did have the real thing turned into a zombie just like Dr. Benny. Naturally, zombies wouldn’t be so far off-base on a show where time travel to impregnate someone with a world-ending demon has already been introduced just minutes earlier. Chantal’s family is certainly excessive, but they did make the worthwhile observation that she, for once, seems happy. Liquorice’s inability to properly pronounce her name is just one of many red flags, and I’m curious whether her premonitions of doom are somehow connected to Dory’s or just another dangerous off-kilter theory playing out in conjunction with hers.

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