Thursday, January 27, 2022

What I’m Watching: B Positive

B Positive: Season 2, Episode 11 “Louisville, Bubbaroo and Sully” (B+)

While I haven’t been consistently enthralled with this season’s newfound focus on the assisted living facility, I do think this episode helped bring things back to a solid semi-dramatic point that echoes how this show started off with Drew’s worrisome prognosis and the hope that Gina giving her kidney offered. Stirring up Gina’s legal troubles wasn’t much of a stretch, though I imagined that she would have been working on her most recent arrest rather than the string of terrible things that she did which don’t define who she is as a person anymore. Meeting Peter’s son Kyle, played by Anthony Montgomery from “Enterprise,” provided a new potential romance, but Peter mentioning that Kyle was married led to Gina’s discovery that Peter’s memory wasn’t what it once was. He did not react well to being confronted about it, and Gina’s discovery of his photo closet was a heartfelt ending to the episode. Hopefully she can use the care she feels for everyone to focus on providing him what he needs and making him feel comfortable with how his mind is changing. Bette and Spencer are certainly on a path to honesty, finally, after some childish avoidance of the first woman he had been with since his wife died by the often crude Spencer. Harry forcing Drew to fix the car himself and learn about righty-tighty lefty-loosy was extremely entertaining, and it was humorous to learn that Harry had been faking back problems so that Drew would have step in and do it.

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