Friday, January 21, 2022

Round Two: Pivoting

Pivoting: Season 1, Episode 2 “My Friend Died!” (B+)

I like just how extreme and committed these characters are, particularly Amy, who was so upset that the barista wouldn’t honor the expired gift card that she took what she felt the value was in cups and other things from the coffee shop. She’s also become a hypochondriac, worried that anything she thinks looks suspicious could be the sign of impending death, which meant that Henry’s casual eagerness to do a particular run got her very upset. Of course, she was the one who hit him with her car after her accidentally butt-dialed her while panting, but she didn’t want to seem like a hypocrite, so she had to chug the piping hot coffee so that he wouldn’t be able to identify the artificial sugar she hadn’t actually given up. Sarah getting named employee of the month meant that she alienated her fellow employees, and I like that, after showing up at the news of an apparent emergency, Amy and Jodie pivoted to supporting her nemesis Rudy and reminding Sarah that her competitive, academic spirit often meant more work for everyone around her to do. Jodie’s relationship with her trainer continues to get more complicated, and she didn’t like that he called her a mom when she gave him a superhero band-aid. But that hug undid all the work she had tried to do to get out of it, and that obsession is going to continue for some time, surely leading to more hijinks related to tight-fitting clothing that doesn’t really allow her to move.

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