Sunday, January 30, 2022

What I’m Watching: Ozark

Ozark: Season 4, Episode 3 “City on the Make” (B+)

This was an extremely ominous opening, with Marty holding the baby while Wendy was digging, as Maya arrived with a hood on for a very brief meeting with Navarro. Though he was disconcertingly relaxed, she wasn’t in the mood for games at all, and she was furious when she returned home feeling like he wasn’t taking this seriously at all. Wanting to see her again so soon after she walked out presented another problem for Marty and Wendy to fix, and they were already dealing with Javi being right up in their business in a way that seriously spooked their newest partner. Ingratiating himself into the deal and the continued operations means that he’s going to keep a close eye on them, continuing to cause trouble when things are actually going much smoother than they should be under the circumstances. Wendy’s monument to her brother resounded poorly with Jonah, who once again suggested that Charlotte might make one for him, and Wendy cutting the power while Jonah was working only did what Marty assured her it would, which is to make him go somewhere else to commit crimes. Ruth took a gamble by directly going against Darlene’s wishes and nearly ended up paying the price for it, but, at this point, she seems the likeliest to inherit the entire operation once Darlene inevitably gets herself – or maybe Wyatt – killed as a refusal to honor the commitments she made that she’s saying she has no intention of repaying. This is a stressful world and a stressful show.

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