Thursday, January 27, 2022

Take Three: Pivoting

Pivoting: Season 1, Episode 3 “The Giving Tree” (B+)

I like that we got to see Colleen’s husband Brian, played by Colton Dunn from “Superstore,” and the relationship that her friends still have with him. It was fun to see how Henry was cashing in on the meal train that was being delivered to him and trying to clue his friend in to just how appealing he was to all the women who kept cooking for him. Being coaxed into driving Jodie, Sarah, and Amy to Diana’s house so they could steal the tree. Sarah obviously has a very contentious relationship with her ex, and I enjoyed how Huddy tried to be helpful to her and told Sarah that she shouldn’t talk the customer out of purchasing the more expensive items. This was the first time we saw Jodie’s husband Dan, who I recognized from Robert Baker’s role as Otis Graves on “Supergirl,” and he does not seem like a particularly nice guy. I was thrilled to recognize J.B. Smoove from “Curb Your Enthusiasm” as the voice of The Fig, an especially fantastic piece of casting to enhance an admittedly ridiculous bit. Jodie’s obsession with her trainer continues to lead to absurd developments, like her frantically texting him when he hadn’t replied to her question about thinking she was beautiful. She got the perfect response at exactly the moment that her built-up core strength enabled her to rip a tree out of the ground, which both impressed and terrified her friends who were happy to let her do whatever she wanted after that.

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