Saturday, January 22, 2022

What I’m Watching: Ray Donovan: The Movie

Ray Donovan: The Movie (B)

I was a big fan of this show in its early seasons but started to lose interest once it got into its fifth season. Though I value many of the actors on the series, it would not have been my first choice to campaign for a wrap-up movie. But I suppose there was more material to cover, and some closure needed with Mickey that Ray had to get, even if things didn’t play out as the police and public would come to believe. What this episode did more than anything was to provide a look back at how Ray became who he was as a result of his father. I was impressed with Bill Heck, an actor from “I’m Your Woman” who played Mickey once before in an episode, and helped to show how his enthusiasm and energy as a young father shaped who Ray was, including his role in the accidental shooting of his girlfriend and subsequent prison sentence. In the present, Ray getting hit with a bat while tailing Mickey and then being thrown off the car window was intense, and he even pulled the trigger on Mickey without much hesitation only to find that it was empty. Bridget being the one to ultimately kill him was an important full-circle moment, one that acknowledged how much he had negatively affected yet another generation of Donovans. Ray taking the blame made a lot of sense, ensuring that Bridget can live free of that burden. We didn’t see much of the other siblings, aside from Bunchy making an effort to be reunited with his family, Daryll leaving town for good with Lena’s help, and Terry imagining being with all of his family around him as he sat at an empty table. This movie was fine but not entirely necessary, but make sure to check out the cool conversation I got to have with actor Eddie Marsan, who plays Terry!

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