Sunday, January 16, 2022

What I’m Watching: Yellowjackets

Yellowjackets: Season 1, Episode 9 “Doomcoming” (B)

I’m not sure what to start with here: what happened in the past or the present. I’ll begin with my less preferred of the two, where we saw everyone under the influence of the mushrooms that Misty had gathered and howling as they prepared to either sacrifice or eat Travis, engaging in a ritual that they all bizarrely knew how to perform since they were on the same freaky wavelength. Jessica confirmed it in plain language as she was talking about getting Misty a ghostwriter and a book deal, that they ate each other, meaning that this is an event we’ll likely see again in the future. Jackie set her sights on Travis even though she knew that Natalie was interested, and the fact that Jackie wasn’t in on the group ritual suggests that she may become a victim of it soon. Van seems to be sticking around for now, brought back to normalcy by Taissa making her matching masks to cover her eye. In the present, a major, irreversible event happened, one involving two men who weren’t in the crash. Shauna killing Adam was a shock, though just as big a surprise was that it was not him but Jeff who had been responsible for the blackmail and the ensuing littering of glitter in the closet. I love that he was most upset that there wasn’t even a book club, and that he offered to get arrested for Adam’s murder to protect Shauna. That he read the journals years ago and still stood by Shauna was important and will strengthen their relationship, and hopefully Shauna can work with the other women and convince them that Adam really is the end of the line here. Misty was delighted to be asked for her help in getting rid of the body, and I’m curious to see how the finale wraps things up ahead of the second season that’s already been ordered.

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