Sunday, January 16, 2022

What I’m Watching: Search Party (Penultimate Episode)

Search Party: Season 5, Episode 9 “Lamentations” (B)

This episode was a little nutty, but it does feel very much like this show even if what happened during it – our main characters being changed by a zombie apocalypse that they needed to prevent from truly starting – was mostly unprecedented. Being herded into a van by FBI agents didn’t feel all that secure, and the fact that the two cops who were with them were driving an automated Tunnel car that did not do well with responding to their commands was suspicious and, ultimately, fatal for all inside. Having a zombified Helen be on top of the van was rather alarming, and almost all of the disciples got picked off with ease in the bulletproof arcade thanks to Marty being infected. Laser tag is definitely a pretty terrifying place for zombies to stalk and attack, and it’s a wonder that Elliott and Portia escaped in a bumper car traveling at glacial speed. They didn’t make it in time, however, since a theoretically enlightened Drew and Portia were having the time of their lives and arrived to find an adoring crowd ready to meet the same fate, one that’s going to be far more miserable and uncalming than they realize. Like always, Drew saw what could have been an issue – a troubling outbreak at the hospital – and chose to assume that someone else would deal with it and that he didn’t have to worry about it. Liquorice dying from many diseases after she once again accosted Chantal for doing something she hadn’t done yet with a time traveler was a strange development in that storyline, but hopefully it means Chantal will somehow be involved in saving the world, which would be a cool capper for a series that’s very much based on her irresponsible nature.

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