Saturday, January 29, 2022

What I’m Watching: As We See It

As We See It: Season 1, Episode 7 “Outed” (B+)

There have been many tender moments over the course of this show, but none compares to the one at the end of this episode that found the three roommates bonding, and even featured a shared understanding that didn’t lead to Violet freaking out about the fact that her brother and Mandy were seen kissing. The biggest surprise in this episode was Jack’s reaction to Ewatomi acknowledging that he was on the spectrum, something he apparently didn’t think she or others knew since he thought he was passing. He pivoted hard to a defense of how the way he was acting wasn’t just because he was autistic on their date, and I love that he responded to her saying that talking about this made her feel closer to him by requesting that it get him to second base. Coming home ready to gloat to Harrison and then offering to comfort him so that he could practice offering empathy as a warm-up for pretending to care about things now that he was in a relationship was very funny. Harrison did process what he felt to Mandy when she came and got him following his bus ride, and I think their conversation was the most honest, even if it left him not feeling good. Violet seemed very upset about the idea of moving into a full-time residential program, but she finally gave Douglas a chance and realized he might actually be a perfect fit for her. Van decided not to stick around and petition Mandy to be with him, and she called Joel, so maybe things are going to work out for everyone after all, though the final episode could definitely change that.

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