Sunday, July 22, 2007

TV on DVD: Sleeper Cell

Sleeper Cell: Season 2 Episodes 2-7 (B+), Episode 8 (B)

The second season of "Sleeper Cell" is a great ride which balances Darwyn's relationships with the FBI and Gail with a remarkably developed sense of his fellow cell members. Salim's crisis of faith, Mina's abusive boss, and Benny's general nonchalance but ultimate devotion and trust when it comes to Darwyn. The continuation of Farik and Ilya's storylines at first seemed irrelevant, but the fascinating relationship between Farik and his American interrogator and between Ilya and Carli keeps those stories interesting enough. I said at one point about the first season that it was more realistic and better developed than the good days of "24," but not nearly as exciting and action-packed. This season started out with a bang, and the first episode launched it into a territory of constant fear and uncertainty, which made for great suspense. Overall, the plot was perhaps a bit more far-fetched, and the last two episodes fast-forwarded time just a bit. Perhaps the sophomore season would have benefited from a two-hour season finale, like the first one had. The conclusion is devastatingly unsastisfying, and I cannot believe that Showtime cancelled the series without hoping to resolve the story. Nonetheless, "Sleeper Cell: American Terror" is an action-packed, great series.

Season grade: B+

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