Sunday, July 22, 2007

What I'm Watching: Jericho

Jericho: Season 1, Episode 19 "Casus Belli" (B+)

A brewing war with a neighboring town is a great direction for this fantastic show to take. Timothy Omundson, whose main show "Psych" is on hiatus, has a fine opportunity to portray a respectable not-quite-villain, who still presents an ominous threat to the residents of Jericho. I really like that Jake and Hawkins can now trust each other and go on secret missions together. I do hope that Heather is not really dead, since Sprague Grayden gave probably the best performance on the show! It is nice to see someone being nice to Mary, though, and of course it would be Johnston, the resident go-to authority figure. Only three episodes left, come on CBS, renew this show!

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