Sunday, February 20, 2011

Round Two: Traffic Light

Traffic Light: Season 1, Episode 2 “En Fuego” (C-)

I have just about zero interest in this show. It’s hardly engaging in the slightest sense, and none of the cast members truly come alive. These are actors who have been far better used previously in other roles, and these aren’t the right parts for them, with the possible exception of Nelson Franklin, whose role is a bit too broadly written, though he makes the most of it and goes for big. David Denman was never the funny guy on “The Office” and was always the more serious element in the comic situations, and therefore having him here cracking jokes and obsessing over rules doesn’t play so well. Liza Lapira is also better shining in those token supporting roles, though she is considerably more charming than the male cast members. Mostly, this feels like a guy’s show, like “Terriers” or “The League,” two shows which do not excite me in any way, but at least those have a slight edge to them. This show just seems rather tame, and if the worst we’re going to get is three thirtysomethings being told that they look like they’re one hundred years old, this show just isn’t going to cut it. I certainly won’t be tuning in again, mostly because it’s hard to devote energy to such a dull half-hour program when there are a staggering seven hourlong dramas currently airing on Tuesday nights. I watched this episode immediately following “Modern Family,” and while that’s hardly a fair comparison, it just made it feel infinitely less funny.

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