Sunday, February 27, 2011

Take Three: The Chicago Code

The Chicago Code: Season 1, Episode 3 “Gillis, Chase & Babyface” (B+)

I’m thrilled to report that this episode is a considerable improvement over last week’s second installment, and a return to the kind of quality that was indicated by the pilot. This was a fast-paced, twist-filled episode that worked on pretty much all levels. Since this is a weekly series, it’s easily possible that this multi-layered corruption investigation could have been stalled in order to allow the show to go on for a long time, yet it doesn’t seem like anything’s being held back. A good drama should be able to live on long after Alderman Gibbons is taken down or whatever ends up happening, and it seems like this show isn’t afraid of getting to that point sooner than later. This episode contained not one but two extremely intense scenes featuring Alderman Gibbons exerting his influence, and his preemptive takedown of his criminal ally was rather shocking, one-upped only moments later by his recording of Theresa’s new chief of staff bribing him and then his subsequently skewering of her on television. It’s clear that the alderman is getting to Theresa, evidenced by her momentary breakdown in her office. I’m very intrigued by Brad William Henke’s character, and I also like the fact that Wysocki’s niece is a main player on the show and has to consider her loyalties. When he offered him a true apology for not backing him up, I expected Wysocki to accept it, but him going nuts indicates that this isn’t your ordinary cop show, and I’m definitely going to stick around for a bit in the hopes that it maintains this level of quality.

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Greg Boyd said...

I won't be reviewing this show for the next couple of weeks, but this episode was definitely the best one so far. Really good stuff.