Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What I’m Watching: Shameless

Shameless: Season 1, Episode 4 “Casey Casden” (B)

This show is nothing if not determined to be as outlandish as possible. Mostly, that works, though I’m not as impressed by this installment as I was by the previous three. The sheer complexity of the plan to get the kidnapped baby back home safely without anyone being a suspect was brilliant, but the way everything got there was considerably more wacky. The focus on fringe characters such as Kev and Sheila is intriguing, though I’d certainly say I’m finding them compelling. The relationship between Eddie and Frank is certainly the most peculiar, yet the show doesn’t even try to make it seem strange. I loved seeing a glimpse of Tony in action during the pursuit of the missing child, and it was terrific to see Tim Bagley, famous as number one nemesis Harold Crenshaw on “Monk” and Larry on “Will & Grace,” as his rather nutty and hilarious partner. Steve’s certainly proving his worth, operating as just another magnificent member in the Gallagher crew. I’m worried about Karen’s incessant desire to get Frank aroused since that can’t end well, especially not for loyal boyfriend Lip. Kev’s engagement did not start out well, but it seems like a good thing since they’re clearly a fantastic couple. Unfortunately, his present and existing marriage could definitely pose some serious problems for that. I’d say the acting award in this episode goes to ten-year-old Emma Kenney for imbuing young Debs with a free spirit and brilliantly telling the story of how she was frustrated and decided to steal a baby.

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