Sunday, February 13, 2011

What I’m Watching: Lights Out

Lights Out: Season 1, Episode 5 “The Comeback” (B+)

So much for Lights at least having his marriage in his life to keep him going. It’s really a shame that Theresa feels compelled to have him leave now that he’s decided to go back to fighting, and with his daughter terribly concerned about him taking more blows to the head (despite that reassuringly resounding sound his hand made when he tapped his own temple), he’s in danger of losing all of the people he’s trying to provide for as he steps back into the ring. The immediate dismemberment of Lights’ friendly opponent was pretty jarring, and it seems that there are almost infinite obstacles to Lights getting back the glory he once had and making some money for his family. The revelation that Barry and Hal are working together to some extent is a disturbing one, since it indicates that Lights has little to no control over anything he does, and he’s just a pawn in their grander chess game. I knew I recognized Hal Brennan but I couldn’t place him, and a quick bit of research reveals that he’s Bill Irwin, a great actor who delivered a knockout (and AFT Award-nominated) performance in “Rachel Getting Married” and who I also saw perform in a Broadway rendering of “Waiting for Godot.” This show does nothing better than showcase tough emotion on the faces of its characters, and commendation is in order once again for Holt McCallany for knocking it out of the park in both the restaurant and the ending scenes.

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