Sunday, February 6, 2011

What I’m Watching: Human Target

Human Target: Season 2, Episode 12 “The Trouble with Harry” (B+)

Let’s forgive this episode for seeming a bit cookie-cutter by having Chance recount the story of how he got into this mess to Harry. It ultimately provided some great comedy, mostly thanks to Tony Hale and Mark Valley’s perfect reactions to his zaniness, and so I think it’s more than allowable. There’s something to be said for the complex setup of how this episode was put together, and I love how this team works together, especially when they don’t realize it and think that they’re actually working apart. I loved all of the cracks, most of which came from Guerrero, about being a professional. The truth serum plotline in this episode was genius, and I’m so thrilled that Ilsa decided to inject herself with it. The reactions from the rest of the team were priceless, and I loved when she admitted that she “hadn’t thought of that” when her plan was questioned. I’m always happy to see the fantastic Michael Massee (he played Ira Gaines in the first season of “24” and was recently seen as a villain on “Flash Forward”), and his role as Henry Claypool, evil as it was, didn’t seem quite as blatantly evil as many of the characters he’s played in the past. There’s no denying that Chance is awesome, and his ability to slide under the table and take out almost all the guards at once was marvelously impressive. And anyone who is able to take advantage of a horse’s convenient presence earns considerable bonus points.

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