Sunday, February 20, 2011

What I’m Watching: No Ordinary Family

No Ordinary Family: Season 1, Episode 15 “No Ordinary Powell” (D-)

I just don’t understand this show. It seems to me more complicated to have the stakes be so incredibly low all the time, and it definitely doesn’t help the show get anywhere interesting. Victoria has been a horrendously disappointing character, and it’s not Rebecca Mader’s fault. Even Joshua, now a bona fide good guy, had no problem pulling the trigger on Jim’s cop buddy, yet Rebecca has to resort to duplicitous phone calls and simple laziness? In terms of shapeshifting science, a subject about which I purport myself to be just as much an expert as anyone else, it doesn’t make sense that she would have the same level of strength as Jim, and even more so, that she wouldn’t have powers only because Jim doesn’t have powers. Jim wins the award for the dumbest character in this episode because he confesses his greatest weakness to a woman who pulls out the most random proof of her identity and then doesn’t even notice that George is legitimately trying to shoot him. Also, why does he leave his doppelganger’s corpse out for his wife to find, and why does she only shift back to her natural form after Stephanie’s had a panic attack set to melodramatic music? When it comes to the kids, if Daphne is going to be so obvious about her newfound abilities, she could at least try to use them to persuade JJ (who, for the record, could sense what she was doing but still not be able to resist her) to walk out of that room with her when she made up the story about the phone call. JJ’s cry of “What did you do to her?” was fairly pathetic – they didn’t do anything, they just knocked her out. Nothing more would ever happen on this show.


Richter Scale said...

I seriously have to say, I think this episode is a step in the right direction. It's raising the stakes quite a bit, especially now that Jim and Stephanie know that Dr. King is after tham, and more importantly, he knows they have powers. I'm interested to see where they take this. Also, Stephanie pretending to be Victoria at the end? How long do you think she can pull that off? I don't know, but I really want to see.

Also, it was great to see Daphne and J.J. having to solve a mystery. I like that their powers are bringing them closer, even if they're basiacally just using each other. They're building a bond, and I want to see a lot more of that. Yes, Daphne and Joshua have very similar powers, but I'm actually intrigued by that. Could she manipulate people's thoughts before she had her memory wiped, or was that something she acquired from Joshua? Interesting question, don't you think?

Movies with Abe said...

That is an interesting question, yes. This show still isn't pulling me in, though it would behoove me greatly to try to look at it through the same lens you do since I think you get much more out of it than I do! The questions you're raising are fairly fascinating, but I don't think nearly as much thought went into the plotting on the show.