Monday, February 21, 2011

What I’m Watching: Modern Family

Modern Family: Season 2, Episode 15 “Princess Party” (B+)

This show has always been one of the rare series that doesn’t let its stunt casting go to its head (as opposed to another show that beat this one for the Golden Globe last month). This show has featured guest stars such as Edward Norton, Benjamin Bratt, and Minnie Driver, and has never resorted to showboating and creating preposterous plotlines around them, even if it means none of them have been particularly funny. Matt Dillon doesn’t do much here, and his storyline is more about making Claire lose it. It’s not even about the usually more emotive Phil, who is relegated to the rather hilarious and chivalrous role of having his hand crushed to death as the unfortunate victim of Claire’s rage. Julie Bowen was the undisputed star of this episode, and it’s fun to see her play a role somewhat more energetic than that of just the straight woman. I like how Mitchell figured into the situation as well, expressing that he had always put him into a headlock and then getting concerned about Lily seeing him in the a headlock. This show is all about family, and therefore it’s entirely appropriate to have Jay be the one to come in and defend the honor of the women in his family and intimidate Robbie into leaving the party. The near-return of Fizbo was amusing, and I like how Jay tried to use Gloria’s discomfort to get out of having to go to something else, and saw that backfire completely.

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